About this blog

The Ivory Tower is a blog under ArchaeologistsEngage. In this blog, we address topics that concern the dynamics between professionals and their audience. The blog is created to inform and inspire archaeologists on how to engage with the wider world, something we consider one of the key roles of the archaeological profession. As we strive towards a multifaceted view of community engagement, the blog includes articles from both within and outside of the archaeology profession.

Contribute an article to the Ivory Tower blog                                                                      We encourage a discussion about the dynamics between archaeology and everyone. If you have an interesting viewpoint, please consider a contribution to our blogs in the form of an article. The Ivory Tower is open to anyone who can provide motivational insights to archaeologists and our practice.

If you’d like to contribute, please contact us on engage@archaeologists-engage.org with a short synopsis of your chosen topic and a sentence or two about who you are and where you’re from. We are always grateful to hear from potential contributors, and are constantly sourcing new articles for our blogs.

We also feature Guest Writers that contribute to each topic. Would you like to be a guest writer? Contact us at blogs@archaeologists-engage.org

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